Privatna predškolska ustanova “International Montessori House” slijedi filozofiju talijanske doktorice Marie Montessori. Ona je razvila jedinstvenu metodu učenja osmišljenu da omogući djetetu da se razvija na holistički način, što znači fiziološki, psihološki i socijalno u isto vrijeme jer je to zapravo jedna cijelina.


Our experience was great, and completely rewarding and I sincerely hope all other parents will go through...from the initial visit and discussion, up to the point Benyamin joined the school. The staff, from the teachers to those supporting the work was all so supportive and welcoming right from the start. Our little one loved it and we had no fear of him experiencing any difficulties in terms of settling in. We would highly recommend to any other parents who are looking for a friendly, supportive and an amazing place for their children to play and grow. If we are ever to go back to Sarajevo, the choice of a school for Benyamin would be a really easy one!

Amela Čosović, Management Specialist UNCDF

We are very happy with the friendly, nurturing environment of the International Montessori House in Mejtaš, where our two daughters have attended. While the physical area is light, spacious and nicely balanced between indoor and outdoor spaces, it is the genuine love, care and attention of the teachers and staff that has made the experience such an enjoyable one for our daughters. Happy children make for happy parents!

Marc D’Silva, CRS Director

As an international family, we chose the Montessori House for both the bilingual approach - and the Montessori-style methodology.  Overall, we have been very satisfied with the quality of the programme, teachers, and facilities.  As a foreigner working in Sarajevo, I would strongly recommend the Montessori House to other international families, looking for a quality programme for the young children.

Stephanie Woldenberg, Lawyer with an international organization in Sarajevo

Our daughter Zara attended the International Montessori House - Mejtaš from June 2015 through June 2017. We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, kindness, and attention provided by the teachers and administrators at the school. Zara was able to grow in every sense of that word through this joyful and enriching experience. We would highly recommend the school to any parent looking for a positive learning environment for their child.

Leslie E. Velez (UNHCR Senior Protection Officer)
Admir Serifovic (Worked in BiH 2015-2017)

Our son enjoys very much going to the Montessori kindergarten. The teachers are very loving and attentive to the kids’ needs and their personalities. We also appreciate a lot the facilities and that the kids can go outside every day to the nice playground.

Olaf D., International


Montessori odgajatelji su posebno obučeni voditelji, uvijek spremani da pomognu i usmjere. Njihov cilj je da stimulišu entuzijazam djeteta prema učenju, da ga vode, ali bez uplitanja u djetetovu prirodnu volju na putu ka samostalnosti. Svako dijete obavlja aktivnosti kroz individualne cikluse, uči sa razumjevanjem sukladno svojim jedinstvenim, vlastitim potrebama i mogućnostima.


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