About us

In 2011 the International Montessori House first opened its doors in Sarajevo. Our nursery school is located in the center of Sarajevo at the residential area of Mejtaš. Today we serve over 80 children between the ages of 1 and 6 years. The school has developed a reputation among the community for its unique program serving young children.

Our facility is distinguished by its beautiful indoor- outdoor learning areas. A well-equipped park like a playground, air-conditioned classrooms and their adjoining gardens are part of the overall Montessori plan for learning. Designed and sized for young children, each room is self-contained with a bathroom and plenty of space for individual and group activity. The object is under video surveillance.

The potential of the child is not just mental, but is revealed only when the complete “Montessori method” is understood and followed. The child’s choice, practical work, care of others and the environment, and above all the high levels of concentration reached when work is respected and not interrupted, reveal a human being that is superior not only academically, but emotionally and spiritually, a child who cares deeply about other people and the world, and who works to discover a unique and individual way to contribute.


Our aim is to provide an atmosphere in which children:

  • Feel safe and secure
  • Develop independence
  • Have opportunities to make choices and decisions
  • Receive build-in feedback
  • Have opportunities of reflection
  • Become responsible towards themselves
  • Become able to appreciate who they are and live their strengths
  • Receive assistance in developing all-round skills
  • Develop logical thinking
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Develop emotional and creative intelligence

A positive learning environment includes:

  • That meets individual needs
  • An  surrounding that require care
  • Equipment that allows individual interaction
  • Multi-age range allowing varied social interaction
  • Quality interaction with teachers
  • Balance of freedom and boundaries
  • Opportunities to become responsible
  • Knowledge through integrated subjects